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MR8.  Mexico 1779 Mo FF eight reales. Choice mint state with deep prooflike fields and frosty devices. Spectacular eye appeal. The money-is-no-object Millennia Collection could not find a better Mexican 8 reales of Charles III (probably because there isn't one). NGC "Millennia/Hesselgesser MS 62 PL". [On hold 3/13]



Circulated Mexican 8 reales from the reign of Charles III (1759-1788) are available, but , as the experience of the Millennia collector testifies, choice uncirculated coins are rarities. No hoards from the 1780's feed our supply of these reales. No coins were put away in early numismatic collections. Any Mexican 8 reales that has survived almost 250 years without commercial use or melting is a fortunate accident.


If you like the cameo effect that deeply mirrored fields create, especially with this bust of Charles III, this coin is truly spectacular. Deep prooflike coins arise in one or two ways. Absolutely new dies strike coins of moderate prooflike depth, but the deepest prooflike surfaces arise when a previously used die is repolished before being put back in service. That is clearly what happened in 1779 at Mexico City. Dies that had sat on the shelf for some time, perhaps garnering a trace of rust, were put back to work after a vigorous cleaning.  The unintended result was for a short time at least a run of beautiful deeply prooflike 8 reales. Deep prooflike coins do not photograph well  because the thousands of tiny raised polishing lines confuse the camera. The human eye is smarter and see the deeply mirrored fields framing frosty devices. Laid out beside a dozen other top quality 8 reales at the Millennia Sale in 2008, this coin was the eye-catcher. Several enamored bidders ran the sale price to more than three times the estimate.






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